Jobs Opportunities

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our group offers the following positions:

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Diamond Quantum Nanoengineering Lab (CNR) DEADLINE April 23, 2024

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Quantum Mixtures (CNR) DEADLINE July 1, 2024

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Quantum Biosensing (CNR) CALL FOR APPLICATION COMING

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Quantum Sensing and Precision Measurements (Univ. Florence) EXPIRED

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Quantum Sensing and Precision Measurements (Univ. Florence) EXPIRED

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Experimental research activity in Atomic Physics for the development of quantum devices based on ultracold atoms (Univ. Florence) EXPIRED

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Theoretical research activity in Quantum Machine Learning (Univ. Florence) EXPIRED

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Experimental Quantum Optics - Quantum engineering of non-Gaussian light states and entanglement generation (CNR) EXPIRED


PhD: Development of new experimental platform for interaction between lasers and atoms/molecules (Principal Investigator Paolo de Natale) deadline for applications: August 11th 2023 - 12.00 pm (Italian time)  EXPIRED

The candidate will carry out a research activity in the field of physical sciences, aimed at the creation of new experimental platforms based on the interaction between lasers and atoms/molecules. The research will focues on the development of innovative optical systems and advanced laser control techniques that can allow the achievement of new interaction regimes at the quantum level. The applications of the experimental platforms developed to the various fields of interest of quantum technologies will also be studied.  

PhD: Quantum Interferometry (MAWI-European Doctoral Network) deadline for applications: July 29th 2023 - 17.00 pm (Europe/Rome)  EXPIRED

The fiels of matter-wave interferometry is emerging as a highly-promising interdisciplinary field, at the interface between fundamental science and quantum technologies European industry. The primary goals of MAWI are to use the exquisite control of ultracold quantum matter to implement guided matter-wave interferometers and to train young researchers in the emerging fields of matter-wave interferometry and quantum sensors based on interferometric schemes. Supported by state-of-the-art facilities,our complementary expertise and skills, the participation of well-known European companies and a broad range of established external partners, we offer 6 PhD positions on the subject of quantum interferometry. MAWI is funded by the EU Horizon Europe (HORIZON) Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions - Doctoral Networks MSCA-DN. More information is in the website

At LENS, the activity will concern the experimental implementation of a system for testing the cooling and trapping of cold atoms using atom chips for the realization of matter-wave interferometers. The researcher will tale part in the planning and realization of the setup involving a vacuum system, stable and narrow linewidth lasers, and contribute to the design and testing of atom chips with novel microelectronics and photonic structures.

Another call for MAWI will be available on September 2023, with positions to be filled by end of November 2023.