Training Program in Translational Cardiovascular Research & Entrepreneurship

Training Program in Translational Cardiovascular Research and Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Training Program in Translational Cardiovascular Research and Entrepreneurship (CVRE) is to train the next generation of PhD scientists seeking careers in cardiovascular research in the ethical development and application of research results from the level of the molecule, through the cellular, intact tissue and animal models, to the bedside, with the ultimate goal of improving therapy for patients.

Funded by Pre-Doctoral Training Grant NIH T32-HL125242

Program Goals

Cardiac and vascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, and the demand for a diversely trained PhD workforce is expanding. The program goal is to address this deficit in the PhD workforce by teaching the next generation of cardiovascular PhD scientist and engineers how to translate basic research to applications in clinical medicine. This includes training how to conduct preclinical translational research, therapy development from bench to bedside, and research entrepreneurship.

Program Features:

  • preclinical research design
  • drug discovery
  • device/therapy development
  • optimization and testing
  • entrepreneurship
  • regulatory compliance
  • project management and team science

Program Requirements

Basic Cardiovascular Research Training

  • Selection of Research Training Mentor & Project
  • Selection of Clinical Advisor
  • Frontiers in Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Seminar Series
  • Research Responsibility and Ethics Training

Training in Pre-Clinical Translational Research

  • Pre-clinical Cardiovascular Mouse Model Research
  • Translational Cardiovascular Research Journal Club

Training in Research Entrepreneurship

  • Research Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
  • Entrepreneurship Course
  • Experiential Learning in Project Design, Management and Team Science

Fellows are encouraged to explore a variety of additional enrichment activities to supplement the requirements of the training grant.

All training is conducted at state of the art facilities of the Frankel Cardiovascular Center laboratories alongside world leading research teams in basic and translational research, clinical research, health services and outcomes research, and multidisciplinary programs.