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-Last update: 9/25/2019

UC Santa Cruz GEOPATHS is an NSF-supported initiative to improve student success in the Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) department, driven by a national initiative to broaden participation in the geosciences (IUSE: GEOPATHS).

UC Santa Cruz GEOPATHS is particularly focused on increasing student academic support, facilitating meaningful research opportunities and building a sense of belonging within the EPS community.

Academic support will be facilitated through small cohort learning communities that build necessary skills for geoscience careers. Research opportunities will be supported via paid summer internship matching and community building will be encouraged in the GeoLounge (coming soon), a student space reserved for academic and professional development.

GEOPATHS facilitates small group learning support, for help when the subject matter seems as vast and unending as this Summer Field site.GEOPATHS supports professional and academic growth and facilitates learning opportunities like this EPS student research fair.


Apply for Fall Quarter!

In the Fall, problem solving sessions will be offered for EART 110A and EART 111. To be eligible you must be enrolled in the class(es) and commit to participate in the session once a week for 2 hours.