Creekside Daily Schedule

(Ages 3-5)

Creekside Daily Schedule

8:00 – 9:00 Early Drop off & Morning Choices

*children are offered a few choices in the morning to start off the day - these often include building with Legos/Blocks, Playdough, an art project, a cooking project, and the reading area. At 9am, the program officially begins.

9:00 – Morning Choices & Drop Off

9:15 – Open up the Classroom for Free Play (inside/outside)

Free Play time offers a variety of choices, both indoor and outdoor regardless of weather. Teachers set up specific activities that offer opportunities in all the different areas of development and learning. However, the children are in charge of their learning experience by making their own choices about what to play with! Inside activites may include cooking, dramatic play, blocks, puzzles, books, art, dance parties, and more! Outside reflect this similarly, but also offers many chances to interact with nature, messy sensory play, large motor play, and of course...our Tree House!

10:00 – Morning Circle

At circle, we greet each other, sing a song or two together, and start the day off with some group play, storytelling, or music. After circle, we transition to snack, where we eat what we have prepared together earlier that morning! Many of our snacks include produce harvested from our garden.

10:20 – Handwashing and Snack (family style)

10:45 – Free Play Inside/Outside

11:45 - Small Groups

As our campus caters to older children who are preparing for the transition to kindergarten, we offer small group time - which is an opportunity for more focused learning in a smaller group. The activity ranges from a simple game, to storytelling, or a project.

12:15 – Handwashing and Lunch

12:45 - Toothbrushing

1:00 – End Half-Day Program, Pick Up. Children staying prepare for rest.

After-care Begins

1:15 – Children are in bed listening to an audiobook and nap begins

2:15 – Children who are awake transition to a quiet activity or outside play

3:00 – Lights on! Wake up! All children inside & playing

3:45 – Gather for a snack and a story

4:00 – Special afternoon activity

4:45 – Clean up

5:00 – School closes for the day