TC Operations

What is the TC Operations?

What is the TC Operations?

TC Operations is composed of many groups that are each responsible for fulfilling a certain need/service for the other groups and the organization as a whole.

The mission of TC Operations is to ensure that the organization functions smoothly, that all projects can be executed with the necessary resources, and that the organization expands in terms of the number of people volunteering and the number of opportunities available for these volunteers.

What are the groups and what do they do?

  • The Localization Group is responsible for translating and localizing all content provided by TC and its partners.

  • The Program Management Group is responsible for managing our language-focused programs. These programs create a global impact through resource creation and research.

  • The Account Handling Group is responsible for fulfilling the account handling of our partners that seek language services provided by TC.

  • The Interpreting Group is responsible for fulfilling the interpreting needs of TC and its partners.

  • The Talent Management Group is responsible for onboarding new TC volunteers and engaging the TC volunteer community.

  • The eLearning Group is responsible for developing and managing online courses and resources on a variety of topics.

  • The Marketing Group is responsible for handling TC social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns.

  • The Communications Group is responsible for creating and editing written content related to communication internally and externally.

  • The Globalization Group is responsible for making TC a more global organization.

  • The Technology Group is responsible for fulfilling the technology needs of TC. This includes IT support and research, website management, TMS and CAT tool management, productivity tool management, and more.

Career Paths

Each group represents a certain career path for volunteers to gain experience in roles along these paths. This gives volunteers an opportunity to gain relevant experience in their chosen field.

Volunteering Opportunities

Would you like to contribute to a large scale humanitarian and human rights mission and break the language and communication barriers?

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