Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is additional funding provided to schools to narrow the gap of attainment for some pupils. These children are from low income families who are currently known to be or have been eligible for free school meals in the last six years. It also supports children who have been 'looked after' continuously for more than six months or who have been adopted from care.

Gislingham Primary is fully committed to supporting pupils for whom the pupil premium provides support. At Gislingham, our purpose in using pupil premium funding is to ensure that all the unique needs of our pupils are met and our children thrive and achieve the same high academic success and have access to all our enrichment activities. Our main focus is to improve the quality of teaching for all children, no matter their background, and to provide quality teaching for individuals and groups as required. We aim that all children in our care should grow in confidence, self-esteem and achieve their very best.

How we use the funding

We target the spending for this funding to the pupils in these groups, first of all, to ensure they are enabled to achieve as highly as other pupils and secondly to support the progress for these pupils so that is compares with all other pupils (and where performance is lower for pupil premium children then the gap between them and other pupils will be narrowed).

One of the most effective ways to do this is to use intervention groups to target specific areas of weakness. This has shown significant positive progress over the last few years and the pupils benefit from the individual attention and support received.

For our younger pupils we have increased the work on phonics and therefore have increased teaching assistant (TA) hours in order to do this effectively and as part of a planned approach to reading. Increasing TA hours also enables greater differentiation and individualisation of learning in the classroom because it allows the teacher to focus on one group while the TA focuses on another group (groups are rotated during the week to ensure equality of access).

In order to ensure Free School Meal entitled pupils have access to the extra-curricular activities we support funding of these. We believe it is essential that these pupils have the same opportunities for extra curricular activities and sport in order to help them develop physically, socially and emotionally. Please contact the school office if you wish to discuss how we can support your child’s access to extra-curricular activities. We also support educational visits and residential stays by using pupil premium.

Some of the work we do does not cost any additional money. For example, peer to peer support is an excellent way to bring on all readers - we frequently use our oldest pupils to support younger pupils in reading.

Parents have an incredibly important role to play and therefore we encourage parents to come and help (please contact the office if you have some time that you could volunteer).