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Primary School

Broadfields Road, Gislingham, IP23 8HX

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Welcome to Gislingham Church of England Primary School

Welcome to our happy, purposeful, thriving learning community. This is a school where we aim to give our pupils the best start in life by providing an excellent grounding in key skills, as well as building character and developing confidence. We want to instil young people with the desire to reach their potential, to develop as well-rounded individuals and to be responsible, compassionate members of the community who demonstrate respect for others.

Our classrooms are hives of activity, full of creativity with the children happy and focused on their learning. We have a safe, secure and caring environment with a family atmosphere where good behaviour is promoted at all times. Parents are warmly welcomed into the school and their involvement in their child's learning is strongly encouraged. We believe that children learn best when staff and parents work in partnership.

In the following pages we hope you'll find everything you want to know about us and our work here at Gislingham. If you would like to know more about our school, you are very welcome to visit and see us in action.

Julie Welham, Headteacher


Gislingham CE Primary School rated 11th in Suffolk for overall performance 2019.

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