Section 1 - Onboarding

Section 1 requires that you:

  • Complete a short information & self-assessment sheet via Google Forms (completed upon Registration).
  • Watch a short introductory video.
  • Compose a short introduction video using Flipgrid.

This section is designed to take between 1/2 hour to an hour; its suggested timeline is February 1 -4.

Instructor and Course Introductory Video


Welcome to the Course!

I am glad you are here. In this first section, you'll learn about the course requirements, course format, and explore some resources.

The heart of each lesson is a Nearpod self-paced slideshow. When you see a lesson, it will prompt you to join; please sign in (to each lesson) by typing your name, then scroll through the side to learn about the course content and requirements.

I receive a report that shows me you joined the lesson, and I'll have a record of any interaction slide, like the "Collaborate Board," where you can share your thoughts and reflections on a "Post-it," and see comments from your peers as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The last sentence of the Course Navigation Video seems to have been deleted. Here's the information: The Mindset and Family Engagement Templates can be downloaded from the Resource Page. I will also e-mail you these templates. Both templates need to be completed as part of your final assignment.

Self-Assessment (First assignment for Section 1)

Upon registering for the class, you completed this assignment by responding to the questions on the form.

Follow this Nearpod Slideshow to complete this section's assignments.

Notes and references below.

Enter your name, then click the "Join Session" button (not Preview!)

You can also join the Section 1 Nearpod Slide Show by going to and entering this code: HXZLC

Your Introductory Videos (Second assignment for Section 1)

Click here to access Flipgrid

You can also access the Introductory Video via the Flipgrid link above using your K12 school email. (You can use another e-mail address if it's a Google or Microsoft email account.)

Make sure to include the following six components in your video.

    • Name
    • Years in education
    • Current role/position
    • Demographics of the students you serve
    • What you hope to take away from the course
    • A fun fact about yourself

Throughout the course, you can access all of our Flipgrid Topics by using this grid link:

SD SFEC Website Exploration (Concluding Assignment for Section 1)

Family engagement/involvement has a significant correlation to student achievement. For that reason, it has been incorporated into this class. During each section, you will be asked to explore the SD SFEC Website for ideas and possible resources you can share with families. (You might take on-going notes to keep track of your ideas.)

At the end of the course, as a part of your final, you will submit an outline detailing what you have found. Conclude this lesson by exploring the website at