Signing Songs

Signing Songs

Great Tool/Educational resources for Parnets, Teacher,Daycare, Preschool, Schools and Nurseries.

Introduction to signing songs for babies or children with special needs. Works for all babies/children, music and movement for all. Developed by a BCMT (Board Certified Music Therapist).

Track 1 explains why you should use Signing Songs. Track 1 is 6 min long and was developed for parents and teachers. Track 2 shows you how to sign each song, and then each song is signed and sung. Track 2 is 12 min. Note: the track auto plays the next 2 tracks, making total run time 63 min. Track 3 is just the music therapist signing and singing the songs along with the kid-o's. Tack 3 is 8 min (again play next track auto so total time is 54 min. Track 4 repeats signing and singing the songs for 44 min. Track 4 is so you don't have to keep running in the room and hitting play again when it ends.( I'm a parent, I understand not wanting to run in the room ever couple of minutes.) Note: most parents start track 2 and let it run for 63 min.

The DVD enables babies/children to speak with their hands before they can talk. Increases clarity of child's wants and needs. Promotes active participation and play. Creates a rich learning environment; fosters language growth and music appreciation. May help a child speak sooner by increasing their receptive language vocabulary. Provides an opportunity to strengthen and develop fine motor skills. Decreases a child's frustration by providing a developmentally appropriate way to communicate before they can verbalize. Encourages cognitive development and neuron connections in the brain. Sign language may increase a child's independence by providing a way for them to initiate interactions with their environment.

How is sign language used in this video?

Specific words in songs are highlighted by signs. Target words are paired with signs in music to provide for an opportunity for learning in a structured and fun manner. Signs in this video are not exact; rather they are made to be appropriate for the cognitive and fine motor developmental level of children. The signs, gestures, and imitation skills learned are meant to be an easy way to bridge the gap until more expressive language skills are learned. In addition to specific signs, it is important for children to be able to imitate actions and gestures. Songs in this video provide also provide opportunity to practice imitation skills, not just specific signs.

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Jessica Marshall, managing editor,

The Johnson County Sun 2006 -- July 13, 2006

The GLP designed the DVD to help children with special needs like [their two-year-old son], Dakota, who has Down's syndrome. But the DVD can be helpful in developing the speech and motor skills of all children, Sign language for babies and toddlers is meant to be an easy way to bridge the gap until more expressive skills are learned,It also provides children with a great opportunity to imitate others -- an important skill in those early years." The couple collaborated with music therapist Lesley Ketcham to produce the 21-minute DVD, underwritten by [Missouri] nonprofit organization, The Gifted Learning Project. Ketcham works at the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, where Dakota receives music therapy. "Signing to music is also something we do at home because it has a lot of benefits for Dakota," Sherri said. "I think it's easier to learn signs through songs than just straight sign language. My husband thought it worked great and that it might help other people."

[The DVD is divided into] three segments. The first is the therapist talking about why sign language is important. Then it goes through the signs and songs and what they help develop. The third segment is her singing and signing. The parent or educator can watch it on their own to learn the signs or they can just put it on and watch it with the kids. Teaching through music makes learning fun and memorable. "I immediately noticed how quickly and how well my son learned to sign and communicate with our family," he said. "I wanted this great tool available to all parents." There's information on the Web site about the project. The project is truly driven out of a desire to help people. All proceeds are funneled back into the organization for development of future educational materials.


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