Free Financial Planning info for Special Needs.



Interviewed by a parent

No matter what the age or disability, parents of children with special needs have many serious questions about how best to provide for their child's future well-being. We realize that you face unusually difficult planning decisions regarding the welfare of your child. The most important of these is probably how to prepare for your child to apply for SSI or SSDI, maintain benefits, wade through the difficult decision of guardianship or durable powers and to provide for ongoing care financially and physically after your death.

Parnet attended a workshop conducted by the Special Needs Planning Center and felt every parent desperately needed this information. He worked with, The Gifted Learning Project ( and Scott Adams to develop this timely DVD. This DVD workshop was developed by the The Special Needs Planning Center in Liberty, MO. The center presents over 60 special needs planning workshops annually throughout the Midwest.

The program will provide advocacy-based solutions in the areas of financial planning, access to and maintaining government benefits, self-determination vs. guardianship and creating a blue print for your child's lifetime in order to enhance and improve the quality of life for those with special needs.

Scott Adams and is a financial planner (CFP) and one of the Founders of the Special Needs Planning Center He is also a parent of four small children, three of whom have special needs. Scott speaks throughout the Midwest in hopes of helping parents better understand the technical and confusing process of protecting their children.

Cast: Scott Adams

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