Please donate now to our Annual Appeal!

This year's annual appeal will fund financial assistance to families and teacher absences due to covid-19 protocols and caution. Donations of $100 or over will receive a bottle of immune-boosting elderberry syrup, homemade by Garland's cook!

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  • Venmo: "@Garland-School-1", code -5335

  • Mail: Make check payable to "The Garland School" and mail to: 130 Austine Drive, Box #3, Brattleboro, VT 05301.

A message from ​Stephanie Keep, Co-founder:

With help from many of you​, the Garland School is happily in its 13th year and we are at our location at the "100 acre wood" of the Winston Prouty Campus in Brattleboro.

The School is named after my mother, Nancy Garland Keep, who in 1972 founded and directed a pioneering daycare for 30 years which served over 70 high-risk children daily guided by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, raising gardens and farm animals, serving nutritious homemade meals, and providing outdoor education.

​​​​​​Please consider donating to help sustain our school as a nurturing place to support children’s innate capacity to love, work, and play.

We warmly welcome your interest, visits, and questions!