The Nursery and Kindergarten provide a time of quiet and joyful transition from early childhood to grade school. In a warm, home-like atmosphere, the child’s inherent abilities can unfold with an education of painting, storytelling, music, poetry, handcrafts, walks, gardening, baking and free play. Inspired by the principles of Waldorf education , the curriculum is designed to consciously builds a strong foundation during these years for later intellectual growth, but avoids the actual teaching of academic subjects in early childhood. We seek to nurture healthy and eager children who are prepared for their journey of academic and artistic learning through their grade school years. At The Garland School we believe that the experience of rich, imaginative play in early childhood guides children toward becoming free, creative thinkers and decision makers through the remainder of their lives.

Our early childhood curriculum guides the young child through these avenues

• The teachers are role models who engage in wholesome activities and work. Through IMITATION, children develop gross and fine motor skills, a sound basis for self-confidence, and trust in the world.

• A sense of WONDER is cultivated through activities in nature and the celebration of seasonal festivals.

• IMAGINATION in play, dramatization, and pictorial artistic work is developed as the first step of a cognitive process that is furthered through the academic work of the grade school.

• Daily, weekly and yearly RHYTHMS are cultivated in the Early Childhood classrooms. Rhythm gives children security by allowing them to know what is coming next each day. Within the morning, there is a rhythm of activities that balances structured and unstructured time. This rhythm is only interrupted by special birthday celebration days. The children know the days of the week as drawing day, painting day, bread day, fire day, and seasonal project day. The Singing Crickets receive a visit from the Bookmobile every other week, and guests visit on occasion to share their artistic and creative offerings. Seasonal festivals mark the rhythm of the year.