Digital Literacy in Tangi

Tangipahoa Parish School System recognizes the importance of developing the digital skills of our students. With the implementation of online testing, is is more important than ever that students know their way around a computer and keyboard and are provided time to develop these skills. These skills are necessary for students to be successful in the classroom and in the career path they choose. In order to provide guidance for teachers, we have developed this Google site which houses the curriculum for Digital Citizenship, Keyboarding and Computer Literacy for 7th Grade.

The Computer Science page offers some great programs for teachers looking to strengthen coding skills of students. Coding helps build mastery in sequencing skills, counting, problem solving, logical thinking, cause and effect, and critical thinking. Coding also provides another opportunity for students to strengthen their digital literacy skills.

Digital Literacy Guide

Digital Literacy should be taught by all teachers, across all grade levels and all content areas. Use the Building Digital Literacy guide, from LDOE, to ensure that you are targeting the skills needed for your students.

The skills are divided into seven specific categories:

  • Basic Computer Operations
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation and Multimedia Tools
  • Acceptable Use, Copyright, Plagiarism, Online Safety
  • Research and Information Gathering
  • Communication and Collaboration

Digital Literacy instruction should be naturally worked into your daily instruction and routines. Conduct mini lessons on proper computer usage before beginning a new concept. Reinforce learned skills in the computer lab. Highlight digital literacy standards during your Digital Citizenship lessons (see our Digital Citizenship section of this site for lesson plans).

It is so important to start with Digital Literacy Skills as early as kindergarten. If instruction is provided at an early age, proper digital habits will be instilled in our children.

LDOE digital-literacy-guidance.pdf

Louisiana Data Governance & Student Privacy Guidebook

may 18.student-privacy-planning-guide-(web).pdf