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RC23 Elections, Citizens and Parties

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Research Committee Sessions

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Prof. Éric Bélanger


This list is not finalized and is subject to change. Please check back often to view updates.

Chair: Prof. Rajeshwari Deshpande

Chair: Prof. Mark Tessler

Chair: Dr. Silvia Gomez-Tagle Lemaistre

Chair: Dr. Gabriela Borz

Chair: Dr. Marina Dekavalla

Chair: Ms. Hasna Azmi Fadhilah

Chair: Dr. Carmelo Cattafi

Chair: Prof. Ji Yeon Shim

Chair: Dr. Bosko Picula

Chair: Dr. Emmanouil Tsatsanis

Chair: Prof. Tim Bale

Chair: Prof. Andre Freire

Chair: Prof. Marco Lisi

Chair: Dr. Mike Medeiros

Chair: Dr. Evangelos Liaras

Chair: Mr. Vasu Mohan

Chair: Prof. Pippa Norris

Chair: Dr. Sarah de Lange

Chair: Prof. Peter Siavelis

Chair: Dr. Maria do Socorro Braga