Business Meeting

2012 Business meeting

The Madrid meeting in 2012 saw the inaugural business meeting for IPSA Research Committee 23 Elections, Citizens and Parties which was held on Monday 9th July 2012 from 13.00-14.45pm in Tutorial room 23D, the Faculty de Farmacia building, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid at the Moncloa Campus.


1. Introduction and welcome (Pippa Norris and Donley Studlar)

2. Adoption of RC 23 bylaws and constitution

3. Election of officers of the RC Executive Board:




Program organizers next IPSA Congress

Four other executive members

4. Budget, RC website, and membership

5. Review of the 2012 IPSA Madrid Workshop and Congress Panels

6. Planning future activities and the 2013 IPSA-ECP Workshop

7. AOB