Business Meeting

2014 Business Meeting

The business meeting of the ECP Research Section 23 was held during the IPSA World Congress in Montreal, on Monday 21st July 2014 from 15.00-16.45 in Room 448, Palais de Congres, Montreal.


1. Minutes of the business meeting in Madrid, July 2012

  • The minutes from Madrid were confirmed as a correct record of the founding business meeting.

2. Matters arising

  • There were no matters arising

3. Report of the co-chairs, Pippa Norris (Harvard and Sydney University) and Donley Studlar (Strathclyde University)

The co-founding chairs discussed the events following the successful launch of the new research committee in Madrid, including expanding membership and activities. The chairs thanked the work and support of all the members of the executive committee,especially Professor Susan Banducci, for putting together an excellent set of over 20 panels in her role as the Montreal Program Chair. The main item which needed to be covered in future was planning for the program for the 2016 World Congress. Both co-chairs had come to the end of their two-year period in office, so they stepped down from this role and handed the baton on to the new executive and officers.

4. Report on the section's finances and membership

  • The research committee continues to maintain a healthy balance of around US$4,600 which is available for future activities agreed by the executive, such as World Congress social receptions, travel awards for members, and workshop/conferences.

5. Report by the Montreal Program Chair, Susan Banducci (University of Exeter)

6. Report about the Montreal pre-IPSA Workshop, Elisabeth Gidengil and Ferran Martinez i Coma

  • The pre-IPSA Workshop attracted over 90 participants for a lively one-day workshop linking together the Electoral Integrity Project (Sydney and Harvard Universities) and the Make Electoral Democracy Work project (Montreal university).

7. Report and recommendations of the Nomination Committee, Sarah Birch (Glasgow University), Ian McAllister (ANU) and Michelle Taylor (Texas A&M)

The following new officers were nominated to serve from 2014-2016:

9. Plans for future RC meetings and events, including the 2016 World Congress in Poznan and the 2018 World Congress in Brisbane.

0. AOB

Pippa Norris, Harvard and Sydney Universities,

Donley Studlar, Strathclyde University,