Executive Board

Executive Board 2016-18

Anika Gauja (Chair)

University of Sydney, Australia

Anika Gauja is an Associate Professor in Government and International Relations at Sydney University. Her research focuses upon political institutions in modern representative democracies, particularly political parties and parliaments.

Contact: anika.gauja@sydney.edu.au t: @anika_gauja

Peter Siavelis

Wake Forest University, USA

Peter Siavelis is Interim Chair and Professor of Politics and International Affairs in the Department of Politics and International Affairs, as well as the Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program, at Wake Forest University.

His research interests are in political recruitment and candidate selection processes and political parties in new democracies, especially in Latin America.

Contact: siavelpm@wfu.edu

Eric Belanger

McGill University, Canada

Éric Bélanger is Professor in the Department of Political Science, McGill University.

His research interests are in Quebec and Canadian Politics, political parties and party systems, public opinion and voting behaviour.

Contact: eric.belanger3@mcgill.ca

Sarah Birch

Kings College London, UK

Sarah Birch is Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Economy, Kings College, London.

Her research focuses upon the comparative politics of Central and Eastern Europe, especially electoral systems, electoral malpractice, corruption, and semi-authoritarianism, and political ethics.

Contact: sarah.birch@kcl.ac.uk

Marian Sawer

Australian National University, Australia

Marian Sawer AO is Emeritus Professor and ANU Public Policy Fellow in the School of Politics and International Relations, the Australian National University. Her research interests include democratic theory and practice, electoral administration, gender politics and policy, social liberalism, an the intersection of social movements and the state.

Contact: marian.sawer@anu.edu.au

Jorge Lanzaro

Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay

Jorge Lanzaro is Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science at the Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. His research interests include presidential governments, political parties and social democracy.

Contact: jorge.lanzaro@gmail.com

Elin Bjarnegárd

Uppsala University, Sweden

Elin Bjarnegård is Associate Professor in Political Science and Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the Department of Government at Uppsala University in Sweden. She is also affiliated to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. Dr. Bjarnegård’s research and teaching interests span the field of comparative politics with a particular focus on gender.

Contact: elin.bjarnegard@statsvet.uu.se t: @elinbja

Staffan I. Lindberg

University of Gothenberg, Sweden

Staffan Lindberg is Professor of Political Science and Wallenberg Academy Fellow in the Department of Political Science, University of Gothenberg. His research interests are comparative politics, democracy and democratization, Africa, political institutions, public opinion, representation, legislatures, members of parliament, corruption and clientelism.

Contact: staffan.i.lindberg@pol.gu.se t: @StaffanILindber

Michelle Taylor-Robinson

Texas A&M University, USA

Michelle Taylor-Robinson is Professor in the Department of Political Science, Texas A&M UNiversity. Her research combines rational choice and historical institutionalism approaches to understanding political behavior. She focuses upon democratization in Latin America.


Contact: e339mt@polisci.tamu.edu

Johana Kirstin Birnir

University of Maryland

Jóhanna Kristín Birnir is an Associate Professor in the department of Government and Politics. She is Research director of the Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) and director of the Minorities at Risk (MAR) project (now AMAR, A for All). Jóhanna studies the effect of identity (ethnicity, religion, gender) on contentious political outcomes (elections and violence), and has done extensive fieldwork in the Andes and in South-East Europe.

Contact: jkbirnir@umd.edu