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For students enrolling through K12, our Orientation Specialists (or OS') represent ALL California Schools.

Your OS is determined by the first initial of your last name (If you have two last names it will be the first last name)!

Allison Kapadia


(657) 201-9545

Last Names: A-B

Irene Hsieh


(562) 294-6284

Last Names: C-D

Jesse Tinkler



Last Names: E-G

Julie Maldonado


(970) 818-2451

Last Names: H-J

HOPE Online Academy (Colorado)

Melissa Wagner

Lead Orientation Specialist


(951) 444-0575

Last Names K-L

Erica Konyak


(562) 294-1132

Last Names: M

Brittany Williams


(657) 234-0268

Letters: N-Q

Rebecca Nuckles


(626) 340-0379

Last Names: R-S

Lauren Turcutto


(949) 354-4610

Last Names: T-W

Sabrina Ciolino


(415) 599-4289

Last Names: X-Z

Allison Cordero


(415) 599-4194

Oregon Prep Academy

(Oregon Prep, Oregon Tec, WLA Oregon , Oregon Peak Prep Academy, Oregon University Prep Academy, Oregon Sports Science Academy & Uplift Oregon)

List of California Schools (Students enrolling through K12)

California Prep Butte (Cal Prep, Cal Tek, and WLA Butte)

California Prep Sutter K-7 (Cal Prep, Cal Tek, and WLA Sutter)

California Prep Sutter 8-12 (Cal Prep, Cal Tek, and WLA Sutter)

California Peak Prep Academy

California Sports Science Academy

California STEAM San Bernardino (Cal Prep, Cal Tek, and WLA)

California STEAM Santa Barbara (Cal Prep and WLA Santa Barbara)

California STEAM Sonoma II (Cal Prep, Cal Tek, and WLA Sonoma)

University Prep Academy

Uplift California Santa Barbara (Uplift California)

Uplift Monterey (Cal Prep, Cal Tek, and WLA Fresno)

Uplift California North Charter (Uplift North)

Uplift California South Charter (Uplift South)

Valiant Academy of Southern California (Cal Prep, Cal Tek, and WLA San Diego)

Vanguard Leadership Academy

Cal Prep Mailing Address

4684 Ontario Mills Parkway

Suite 100

Ontario, CA 91764

Office Phone: (855) 687-6249

Office Fax: (855) 636-0544