Color Guard

Christen Wilson C/CSM

Color Guard Commander

What is color guard?

  • The JROTC Color Guard is one of the most important functions of a JROTC unit. It represents JROTC and the U.S. Army to the general public. Instructors will ensure that their Color Guard is representative of the best their unit has to offer in keeping with established military traditions and standards.
  • Color Guard is an event that cadets sign up through their Platoon Sergeants.
  • Each color guard is assigned to a company, with the exception of Bigger events such as Veterans Day Parade, etc.
  • In color guard, there are a variety of different positions.
  • The positions are Commander, National Colors, Battalion Colors/ State Colors, and Rifles
  • Cadets have the opportunity to earn there Color Guard cord by doing three color guards and have participated as the National Colors, Battalion Colors/ State Colors, and Rifle.