Air Rifle Team

The Delsea Air Rifle team is one of three teams part of the Delsea JROTC program. In order to get on the team, a cadet must sign up for the safety brief at the beginning of the year, pass the safety test, then shoot over a set score in the cuts phase. Even though a cadet may make the minimum score, they may not fully make the team if twelve others shot better. The team practices twice a week, from the end of the school day to about five thirty. A majority of the competitions we fire in are postals, the targets are fired in school, then sent to a place to be scored. There is also a shoulder to shoulder live competition in Pemberton, which a majority of the people on the team will be able to fire in given they make the team. If the team fires incredibly well, they will have a chance to compete in nationals in Ohio, individuals can also make the competition if the team doesn’t qualify. The captain is Kyle Fennimore, the assistant captain is Brandon Philips, and the coach being LTC Flood. If there’s any questions he can be reached at his email

Kyle Fennimore C/CPT

Rifle Team Captain

Brandon Philips C/CPT

Assistant Rifle Team Captain