Week of 5/1/2021

Peyton & Wesley had a chance to go visit the Careerline Tech Center on Saturday, when they were on the way to return the nuc boxes to Don Lam Bees in Holland. Mr. Tony McCaul showed us the bees that the tech center keeps and taught us some new tips to help us with our hives. One cool tip is to approach the hives from behind, since the front of the hives is the "Bee Highway." Other fun things we learned is that the Queen Bee lays 1,200 eggs per day and she lives about 3 years! If the hive doesn't like their queen, they will kill her off and make a new queen from one of the eggs that is fed royal jelly.

Week of 4/26/2021

We are officially beekeepers!! Monday night was pick up night. We received the nucs (packages of bees) from Don Lam in Holland. MB, Kaia, and Mckenna braved the hour long drive with bees in the back seat. The next day, Peyton, Kaia, Mckenna, and Olivia moved the nucs into their permanent homes behind the Ag barn. Spectators from other classrooms, our school principal Mr. Wilson, and the future team gathered around to watch the hive-warming party. We can't wait to see what the future holds as we take another step toward making our project 'bee' great!

Week of 4/19/2021

This week team members Kaia and Mckenna presented about pollinators to our local Girl Scouts! Additionally, Kuperus Excavating came out to begin the site work for our Bee Barn addition and garden! It's really exciting to see things starting to happen!

What is our project?

Below is a graphic of our three-component competency program. Students in our program will develop knowledge and hands-on skills in agriscience (1), technology (2), and entrepreneurship (3). More information on our program's curriculum can be found in the About Our Project tab.

One of our main goals for this project is to have a fully functioning, student lead, and profitable apiary business on the Ravenna High School's campus.

We plan on executing this goal by sticking to a 3 pronged approach using agriscience, technology and entrepreneurship. During the process students will raise and research bees using cutting edge technology, process the honey, and lastly market the honey, selling it to consumers in our area.

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