Week of 7/19/2021

This week, we've been all abuzz!! We got to harvest our honey for the first time! You will be able to buy our wildflower honey on our store, by clicking on the link below.

Mckenna uncaps the honey

Wesley & Peyton extract honey

FOX 17 interview!

Our wildflower patch

Isn't it beautiful honey?

Some of our garden flowers!

Mckenna with our flowers!

Mckenna bottling honey.

Thank you, FOX 17!

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Week of 7/5/2021

Happy Independence Day! This week, we worked in the garden. On Friday, some of our group members went to the Music on Stafford celebration to sell beverages as a fundraiser for our National FFA Convention trip.

Becca, Emily, Peyton & Grace hard at work!

Week of 6/28/2021

The new week has begun and guess what.... more rain in the forecast! We are struggling to get on our garden at all, but the good news is, we aren't wasting any time setting up the sprinkler system. We have our new security system on order along with our HiveGenie. We have had a hard time securing any of our technology, and most of the companies point to the shock of the supply chain. Many of them say they are still having a problem securing technology supplies due to problems with COVID supply chain issues and even the Suez Canal back up.

The good news is that we were finally able to get our hands on a rototiller. We ordered 3 different times and every time, the order was cancelled due to lack of supply. This supply shock seems to have a lasting impact on the ag industry.

Week of 6/21/2021

All of the rain we have bee lacking this spring has come - all at once! We have received over 5" of rain this week. This makes it really difficult to get into our garden to do any work. The bees seem to be enjoying it, however!

Week of 6/14/2021

Summer bee school continues this week! We would like to thank Mr. Chris Wilde for coming in to help us expand our hives this week. He taught us how to how to smoke the hives, check the hives to see if they are filling up, and what it looks like if a board is covered in honey vs. a brood of baby bees.

Week of 6/7/2021

Summer bee school is taking place! Our Bee Team members are attending a summer session to learn how to care for the bees and the flower garden. We are also learning how to keep records on the AET (agricultural experience tracker) system.

Week of 5/24/2021

This week has been spent planting our garden and observing our hives. They are rapidly filling the new supers (hive extensions) that we added! Look at all that pollen on the bee legs in the photo below!

Week of 5/17/2021

The original four members of the Bulldog Buzz competed this week in the Michigan FFA Ag Sales contest. We practiced selling our Bulldog Buzz products, and we placed 3rd in the state!

We also got out to check on the hives and the bees are hard at work! A big step forward in the process came when Mr. Paul Morton came Wednesday evening to prepare our garden site. Thank you to Mr. Morton for the labor and Mr. Fred & Dr. Mary Rosel for letting us use your rototiller for the project!

Week of 5/10/2021

We had the opportunity to host our 21st annual Farm Day this week! We set up a Bee exhibit to teach our little friends all about pollinators. It was amazing to see how smart some of these young students were about our pollinators. The future looks bright for the Bulldog Buzz!

Week of 5/2/2021

Peyton & Wesley had a chance to go visit the Careerline Tech Center on Saturday, when they were on the way to return the nuc boxes to Don Lam Bees in Holland. Mr. Tony McCaul showed us the bees that the tech center keeps and taught us some new tips to help us with our hives. One cool tip is to approach the hives from behind, since the front of the hives is the "Bee Highway." Other fun things we learned is that the Queen Bee lays 1,200 eggs per day and she lives about 3 years! If the hive doesn't like their queen, they will kill her off and make a new queen from one of the eggs that is fed royal jelly.

The Bee Team also had the chance to dress up and attend our school's prom this week!

Week of 4/26/2021

We are officially beekeepers!! Monday night was pick up night. We received the nucs (packages of bees) from Don Lam in Holland. MB, Kaia, and Mckenna braved the hour long drive with bees in the back seat. The next day, Peyton, Kaia, Mckenna, and Olivia moved the nucs into their permanent homes behind the Ag barn. Spectators from other classrooms, our school principal Mr. Wilson, and the future team gathered around to watch the hive-warming party. We can't wait to see what the future holds as we take another step toward making our project 'bee' great!

Week of 4/19/2021

This week team members Kaia and Mckenna presented about pollinators to our local Girl Scouts! Additionally, Kuperus Excavating came out to begin the site work for our Bee Barn addition and garden! It's really exciting to see things starting to happen!

What is our project?

Below is a graphic of our three-component competency program. Students in our program will develop knowledge and hands-on skills in agriscience (1), technology (2), and entrepreneurship (3). More information on our program's curriculum can be found in the About Our Project tab.

One of our main goals for this project is to have a fully functioning, student led, and profitable apiary business on Ravenna High School's campus.

We plan on executing this goal by sticking to a 3 pronged approach using agriscience, technology and entrepreneurship. During the process, students will raise and research bees using cutting edge technology, process the honey, and lastly market the honey, selling it to consumers in our area. Read more about how we will implement our project by clicking on "Our Vision" below:

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