5 - 5 Step Demonstration Assignment

Assignment Description

In this assignment you will demonstrating a skill in exactly five steps. It might be a recipe, it could be how to shoot a free throw, it might be how to groom your dog.

You will be showing off your lower thirds skills as you must include a lower third text describing each step as it happens on your video.

Be creative and have fun with this assignment.

Assignment Scoring Guide

This project is worth a total of 100 points if all requires are met completely and it is turned in on time

  • your video must be between 1:30- 2:00 in length (20 points)
  • you must include 5 steps in your demonstration video - no more and no less (20 points)
  • you must include lower thirds (text overlay) for identifying each step as it happens (20 points)
  • you must be the star of the demonstration (20 points)
  • you must be demonstrating a skill of some kind (10 points)
  • you must have a solid intro (hook) and ending (closing) to your video (10 points)