2 - Green Screen Assignment

Assignment Description

In this assignment you will be exploring how to use the green screen feature to tell a story. You will select a minimum of three different "locations" from which to tell your story. For example, maybe you will take us on a tour of the solar system. You might start in a rocket, land on Mars, zoom over to Saturn and then splash down to earth in the ocean. This would provide you a variety of locations from which to use the green screen.

You should have a story that makes some sense, not just a random group of backgrounds.

There are a variety of places at DMS that you can find a green screen - in the broadcast room, the hallway outside the broadcasting room and the interview room in the LMC.

When you add your green screen effects try to clean it up as much as possible using the "eraser" tool in iMovie. This tool will remove any shadows from the block walls here at school.

Assignment Scoring Guide

This project is worth a total of 100 points if all requires are met completely and it is turned in on time

  • your video will be between 1:30 - 2:00 minutes in length (30 points)
  • you must have at least 3 different places in the background during your video (20 points)
  • you must narrate a storyline with your voice during the video at appropriate volume (20 points)
  • you must have music in the background at the appropriate volume - copyright free music (20 points)
  • you must have a storyline that carries through the entire segment (10 points)