3 - Commercial Assignment

Assignment Description

One of the most powerful ways video plays a part in our life is the world of advertising. We see video advertising on television and movies all around us.

For this assignment you will be creating a short video commercial to sell a particular item. The most interesting aspect of this assignment is everyone in the class will be making a commercial to sell the same item. We will let you know what the item is the day the assignment is presented to you.

One somewhat challenging aspect of this assignment is that all of the footage must be shot by you. You are not allowed to use images or video from any other source.

Be creative and have fun. Humor is one of the most important aspects of convincing someone to buy an item.

Assignment Scoring Guide

This project is worth a total of 100 points if all requires are met completely and it is turned in on time

  • your video should be between 45 and 60 seconds in length (30 points)
  • all images and video must be footage that you shoot yourself (30 points)
  • you must be a major focus in the commercial (20 points)
  • your voice should narrate the commercial (20 points)