A Message from Mr. Baumgarten

A Message from Mr. Baumgarten - COVID-19 Grading.mp4

Welcome to the Morongo Unified School District Online Learning Training Portal. With the school closure mandate as a result of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, continuity of instruction is being facilitated through the use of online tools and platforms. As we move into this new method of instruction, we wanted to provide as many training materials and resources as possible to assist you with the adoption of an online distance learning environment.

Within this website, you will find an overview of different methods for delivery of instruction through an online learning environment. There are a variety of tools and resources you can use, but first you must think about your learning design in a virtual environment similarly as you would in a physical face-to-face environment. Access the Online Learning page, to begin exploring methods of delivery as well as design considerations when instructing online.

Under the Google Classroom page, you will find tutorials, videos, and slideshows that will help you learn more about Google Classroom as a Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate your online learning environment.

Under the Open Education Resources page, you will find information about Open Education Resources (OERs) that you can use to teach in your virtual environment. These resources can be used in addition to other resources you may already be using and many come packaged, ready to be distributed in an online learning environment.

We understand that these will be challenging times as we shift our pedagogical practices in this new virtual learning environment, but please remember that there are tools, resources, and colleagues available to assist you along the way!

Use the buttons below, or the navigation bar at the top of the page to explore tools you can use to create your online learning environment.