About Me

My name is Kayla and I am 10 years old. My favorite thing to do is soccer. It is my favorite sport. My favorite position to play is midfield and forward. My coach puts me on goalie. I do not like playing goalie but I am getting used to it. What I also like is cooking. My dad bought this cooking thing and it come with recipes with the food in packages. It is really cool. I have a lot of friends at my school like Emma, Isabella, Abigail, Mikaella, Elly, and Zaira. My favorite subject at school is art because we do a lot of building projects with paper. We recently built a village about the Pilgrims and Indians. My least favorite subject is math. I don't like math because there are specific things that I am not good at and the things that I am not good has to do with something else then it is just confusing to me. When I get home from school on Mondays I do my math homework, then my spelling then I go to my family room and watch TV. I have a nanny because I have soccer practice and my sister has ballet and soccer. My parents working so they can't get us from school to soccer to ballet and back to soccer. When my parents get back from work they make dinner or I do and we eat and watch 2 or 3 shows then I go to bed at 9 or 10. On the weekends I play with my sister or I go to a soccer game or my sister will have dance or we just watch TV. That is on only Saturdays but on Sundays we either have a lazy Sunday or we get ready for things like Christmas, Halloween, a party, and birthdays. That's what I do and what I like. I hope you enjoyed learning about me.