Parent Community Connections Program

Get Involved - Be Involved - Stay Involved

2020-2021 School Year

As with every new year, we are looking forward to the new school year and the many opportunities to connect with our students, parents and communities. We also look forward to working with our students to be prepared academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually for their future. As we move through this year we will be offering opportunities to gather and talk about what's happening and what's coming up for our schools.

So keep an eye on our Facebook site, event calendars, newsletters as we announce our events and happenings.

As always remember to:

Get Involved - Be Involved - Stay Involved in your child's life.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create opportunities for positive connections between students, parents, community and staff of all schools in the St. Labre School System. We will create connections that give a voice to our students, parents and communities as we uphold the St. Labre Indian Catholic School values of self-efficacy, respect, excellence, integrity, stewardship, spirituality and justice and as we work under the highest ethical standards in the light of the Catholic faith and with the best interests of all involved.

The Parent Community Connections Program will also strive to strengthen the existing connections between parents and school staff for each and every student to the outcome of excellence in academic performance as we create a sense of lifelong learning and self-empowerment.