About Us


At St. Labre, we believe that all students deserve a superior education and that all students can achieve at the highest levels by educating the whole child.  Beginning with pre-school and kindergarten, through high school we provide an exceptional education to nearly 750 students across three Southeastern Montana campuses.  In addition to our regular program of elementary and secondary education, we offer classes in home economics, music and art, and a full complement of sports and athletics.

The St. Labre educational experience also places great importance on Native American culture and tradition. Instruction in Native American languages and culture is a vital part of the curriculum. We also offer courses in Native American literature, history, and tribal government.

Our high school is fully accredited by the Montana State Office of Public Instruction, the Western Catholic Education Association, and by AdvancED (formerly the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools). As a Roman Catholic organization, our children have the opportunity to attend Mass on a weekly basis to feed the spirit as well as the mind.

Pre-K-12, Ashland, MT

 St. Labre Indian School in Ashland, Montana is our largest campus and serves nearly 450 students from preschool and kindergarten through high school.  We strongly believe we are preparing our students for a variety of life choices from their early years of education up to graduation from high school and beyond.

Pre-K-8, Pryor, MT

 St. Charles Mission School is nestled at the foot of the beautiful Pryor Mountains just south of Billings, Montana on the Crow Indian Reservation. Our school serves around 140 students in grades preschool through 8th grade. All of our students are Native American; 98% are members of the Crow tribe.

K-8, St. Xavier, MT

Pretty Eagle Catholic School has been in existence since 1887. Named after a famous Crow Chief, Pretty Eagle is located 23 miles south of Hardin, Montana on the Crow Reservation. Our school serves around 160 students from kindergarten through 8th grade; 98% of the students are Crow.