Our Schools

"Welcome to the St. Labre Indian Catholic Schools. St. Labre provides an exceptional education to over 750 students on campuses at St. Labre Indian School - Ashland Montana, Pretty Eagle Catholic School - St. Xavier Montana and St. Charles Mission School - Pryor, Montana. At St. Labre we believe that all students deserve a superior education and that all students can achieve at the highest levels.

St. Labre is a Catholic school and teaches in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. We respect and commit ourselves to the cultures and traditions of the Native American students we serve. St. Labre is a leader in providing quality education to meet the unique needs and concerns of Native American students.

We are proud of our tradition of over 125 years of service to the Native American families of southeastern Montana. I encourage you to visit the site of each school. Parents and students will find current information, prospective students will find enrollment information, and others will learn about the unique educational experience that is St. Labre.

St. Labre is unique. We believe in education as social justice and that every child deserves a superior education. We believe that education changes lives. At St. Labre, the finest resources, a sense of commitment and professional expertise come together to assure a quality education for the students we serve.

St. Labre continues to be a 'miracle' today just as it was at its beginning so many years ago."

Leland Stocker

Director of Schools

St. Labre Indian School


Administrative Assistant: 

Kris Bartlett