Drug & Alcohol Prevention

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Orie Medicine Bull, M.P.H., C.P.D.T., L.A.C.

Alcohol and Drug Counselor Coordinator

St. Labre Indian Catholic School

(406) 784-4949

“Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free”

Email: omedicinebull@stlabre.org

Teen drug use: Know the signs and what to do

Alcohol and Drug Program

The Alcohol and Drug program is based on the conviction that school should be an alcohol and drug-free environment and that substance abuse is a treatable illness. Effective identification of drug and alcohol problems begin with consistent consequences incurred for violations of the school chemical use policy. Violations of the chemical use policy incur disciplinary action and referral to counseling. Our goal is to help troubled students reach help.

It is the policy at St. Labre to assist students whose academic successes, and/or social, emotional or physiological development is being hindered by such personal problems as alcohol and other drug use/abuse.

The purpose of the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Coordinator is to help students identified to obtain necessary assistance. The goal is to provide intervention and restoration for the student to productive academic activity, achievement to reach full potential and positive growth.

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by Taeye Moore, Middle School Student