Using Podcasts to Learn

  • Ideal to listen to when using public transport / walking
  • Listen to the podcast
  • At the end of the podcast, write down everything you can recall (or make notes on your device/phone)
  • Relisten and at the end of the podcast, add to your notes in a different colour (you could redo this again at regular intervals)
  • Relisten again with your finger on the pause button. Write 5-10 simple questions to answer one week later (and at further regular intervals)
  • Frequently revisit your questions. Relisten to the podcast as part of the revision process and repeat above activities.
  • Some podcasts are long. Perhaps stop every 10 minutes to note down key information.

Panpsycast Podcast

A brand new podcast written and recorded to A Level students covering philosophy and ethics - new episodes every Monday! Also available via iTunes.

The Panpsycast

Under the Skin

A fascinating interview with Alister McGrath conducted by Russell Brand:

Author, professor, priest and former atheist Alister McGrath and I discuss the rationality of religious belief, the war between science and religion, and whether faith is still destined to play a central role in the 21st century.

Listen here

BBC Radio 4 "In Our Time"

In Our Time is a long running show that brings together a number of experts on a topic, but make it accessible to the 'casual listener.

These are also available via iTunes

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