Exam Skills

AS Examiner Reports 2017

  • It is useful to read the summary of information provided by the chief examiners after the AS exams. There are lots of useful tips and advice here!

Either Or Essays

  • Literacy Skills
    • Can you write a good essay? If not you will struggle! (This is still a work in progress)
  • Breaking Down the Mark Scheme
    • A document created to help students better understand the mark scheme and demands for different questions.
  • Charlotte Vardy on AO2 Skills
    • Charlotte is very experienced A Level teacher and in this video suggests some ways of approaching AO2 skills.
    • AO2 Proforma
  • Either/Or Essays
    • These are for OCR, but many topics are the same. Reading good essays, regardless of spec, is useful to help you develop better writing skills.

Writing A Level Essays

Charlotte Vardy gives her insight into how to write A Level essays: