Norwalk-La Mirada USD is committed to cultivating wellness of our students, families and staff through a multi-tiered system of support with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention. Our goal is to promote all students' resiliency and positive social emotional wellbeing. Positive mental health contributes to effective stress management and healthy relationships. We want to help our students to reach their potential by supporting their mental and emotional health.

Supporting Our Kids

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How to Help Kids Calm Down

Social Media & Self-Esteem

10 Tips for Parenting Anxious Kids

August: Having a Growth Mindset

What is Growth Mindset?

Having a Growth Mindset means that you believe that abilities can be learned and improved with hard work and effort.



Why is having a Growth Mindset Important?

  • Boosts our level of happiness and well-being

  • Provides a perspective that views mistakes as a normal part of learning and is likely to help us when we face a new challenge

  • Helps us get along with others, especially when there is conflict

Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

Parents Can Help Children Develop a Growth Mindset!

Tiered Support for Our Students