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Harrison High School Gifted and Talented

As freshmen, Gifted and Talented students are gaining the skills necessary to bring about change in their community and their school environment through independent study. As they move through 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, they will be researching and implementing projects so that when they graduate from Harrison High School in 2025, they will leave it better than what it is when they began.

In 2021 the 9th-grade class has already identified an issue in our community and school. Harrison High School does not have a lending library for students. Individual teachers have odd assortments of books but not nearly enough to whet the appetite of the numerous readers. Right now, your children are creating posters for a book drive they will be running in the near future. Additionally, students are working to build a Free Little Library for the high school. A Free Little Library's purpose is to house books for the community to "Take One and Leave One." The students believe that these two projects will give their classmates opportunities to read outside of the classroom.

Our Gifted services support students who have academic needs beyond the regular curriculum. The GIEP team works to develop a plan that provides acceleration or enrichment, when appropriate. The Gifted Program is also a resource program, designed to meet student's needs in a number of ways.

  • 9th-grade students may take the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) course. This is the only AT course offered at the high school.

  • The gifted support teacher is available to help students and parents with any needs related to the gifted learner.

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) guiding principles indicate, "rather than any single gifted program, a continuum of programming services must exist for gifted learners." Harrison High School’s Gifted Services are designed to meet the academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs of students identified with advanced learning needs. The range of services offered by the Harrison Public School District includes pull-out programs, specialized content courses, advanced classes, varied grouping strategies, acceleration, and differentiation of curriculum and instruction in the classroom.

HHS Gifted Open House

2021 HHS Gifted Faculty

Lauren Rodriguez

Gifted and Talented Support Teacher


Jennifer Correnti

Gifted and Talented Support Counselor


CollegeBoard awards Harrison High School with 2019 AP Computer Science Principles Female Diversity Award

This award is given to schools that had 50% or higher female representation in an Advanced Placement Computer Science course. Out of 20,000 schools that offer AP courses, only 818 were recognized for this award.

Julia C. receives National Center for Women & Information Technology Aspirations in Computing Award

Julia was the 2020 Regional Affiliate Award Winner for New Jersey.