Thank You!

We here at Doze want to thank you so much for the love, kindness, and support you have shown our company since day one. We are forever thankful for our local community's support, care, and love that they have shown through our entire journey. And as our employees depart for wherever they may end up, we will always remember this wonderful community!

After a terrific year, we as a company decided that we wanted to share all of our accomplishments, future endeavors, and so much more in one digestible place. So without further ado, happy reading!


The Doze VE Team

A picture of the Doze company in their caps and gowns! not pictured: Angel Almedilla

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See how our company has ranked among other national companies!

See what our employees have done with trade shows, guest speakers, and trips!

See what employees do outside of work! Whether it be internships, college decisions, and hobbies, take a tour!