Elms to Go

Resources and support for conducting environmental and science education in St. Mary's County Public Schools. Bring the wonder of The Elms to your classroom.

Watershed Models

Objective: Students will model and describe the impacts of impervious and pervious land surfaces on:

  • the water quality of streams, rivers, bays and oceans

  • earth's cycles

  • earth's spheres.

Description: Students in 4-6 small groups use interactive watershed models to simulate runoff amounts, pollutants, and water quality in 3 land-use scenarios:

    • Pre-colonial period (forested)

    • Current day (significant impervious surfaces)

    • Potential future (use of Best Management Practices)

Availability: December - February (some flexibility)

Grades: K - 12 (Priority to HS)

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes

Sequence: no prerequsite


Permeability Testing of School Grounds

Objective: Students will test and compare the permeability of various land surfaces on their school grounds, infer their impact on water quality, and investigate careers requiring and uses of permeability tests.

Description: Students in 4-6 small groups conduct tests of various land use surfaces on their school grounds.

Availability: December - February (some flexibility)

Grades: 6 - 12 (Priority to HS)

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes

Sequence: follows Watershed Model Lab


- can be accessed with iPads for completion in the field

- can be projected and completed together in the classroom

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  • Live Animal Programs: various topics

  • STEM Day: planting a rain garden

  • Science Day: planting a pollinator garden

  • Green Day: support for interactive stations

  • Green School: professional development and application support

  • Traveling Equipment: binoculars, insect nets, etc.

  • Design Your Own!

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