Master Naturalist

"Maryland is a state of “wonders” with lots to see, do, learn and enjoy! Becoming a Certified Maryland Master Naturalist is an exciting way to explore our beautiful state and to help preserve its environmental wealth." - Maryland Master Naturalist Program, UMD Extension

The mission of the Maryland Master Naturalist Program is to engage citizens as stewards of Maryland’s natural resources and ecosystems through science-based education and volunteer service in their communities.

To learn more about the Maryland Master Naturalist Program please visit the University of Maryland Extension:

Master Naturalists in training next to marsh

Master Naturalist Training class at Elms Environmental Education Center, 2017.

Master Naturalist Volunteer Training

The Elms is a Host Site for the Maryland Master Naturalist volunteer training program. We partner with University of Maryland to facilitate a 60 hour hands-on field and classroom-based program that brings experts in multiple Natural Resource fields to the Elms. The program costs $250. To become certified as a Maryland Master Naturalist, you complete 40 volunteer hours at or for the benefit of The Elms within one year of completing the training. To maintain certification, every year you complete 40 volunteer hours and 8 advanced training hours. Advanced training is offered at The Elms, but can also be taken anywhere with approval.

Our 2018 Training Program is complete. To apply for a future Training, please visit the Maryland Extension Master Naturalist website and fill out an application and email to