What would you like to do? From educating kids, to maintaining trails, to tending a native plant garden - we could always use a hand (even if it doesn't have a green thumb)!

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June service and Plant-a-Palooza!

It's only the second week of June and we have already knocked it out of the ballpark for incredible service by our volunteers.

  • On June 1st, Girl Scout Troop 6184 7 and two leaders completed 13.5 hours of service weeding our demonstration gardens in preparation for the Plant-a-Palooza festival.
  • From June 3rd - 7th, Mr. Davies brought 129 of his Great Mills High School AP Government students out for the 16th year in a row to participate in service learning opportunities at The Elms. Over 5 days, groups of about 25 students put in 452 hours total and helped us accomplish a huge range of tasks, such as:
    • repainting all of our welcome signs
    • repairing fencing in the Native Plant Nursery
    • cleaning up over 300 lbs of debris from historic dump sites
    • improving and extending our trail system over 1.25 miles
    • planting native plants
    • prepping our plants and property for the Plant-a-Palooza festival.
    • and more!
  • June 7th one of our SMCM Master Naturalists Interns who luckily owns a landscaping side business came out and contributed his time and fuel to mow and trim up the main property the day before the event. With all the rain, it was looking like a jungle out there!
  • June 8th we held our 4th Plant-a-Palooza festival. This annual event is an opportunity for the public to come out and pick up native plants from our nursery for a small donation, and participate in hikes, nature crafts, and learn more from our partnership groups about environmental awareness. 13 volunteers, including Master Naturalists/Interns, Master Gardeners, Sierra Club leaders, and SMCM Master Naturalist Interns put in 78 hours of service to help us make this one of the best Plant-a-Palooza's yet! Thank you to the volunteers and to all the visitors who came out to support us and our nursery. A number of volunteers also put in many behind-the-scene hours or worked on our demonstration gardens throughout the last few weeks to prepare for the Plant-a-Palooza.

Thank you to all our volunteers for your hard work and ongoing support of The Elms!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Program Coordinator (VPC) :

The search begins! We are looking for a person or team to carry on The Elms Volunteer Program at the close of our current Volunteer Maryland (VM) partnership in July 2019. Main responsibilities will be recruiting, interviewing, and coordinating volunteers for The Elms, at our partner sites, and for outreach programs. Other duties to be performed or delegated include updating materials and completing administrative tasks in a timely manner. The VPC(s) will work closely with the current VM Volunteer Coordinator, to continue to develop the program for long-term sustainability and begin working independently after July. This is preferably a long-term volunteer commitment; daily and monthly hours are flexible. Help us build the best volunteer program we can with your ideas and expertise!

To apply, please fill our Elms volunteer application form and the Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch!

Please note: all volunteers will be required to go through the SMCPS volunteer process, including a formal, no-fee background screening.

The Elms is a Host Site for the Maryland Master Naturalist volunteer training program. We partner with University of Maryland to facilitate a 60 hour hands-on field and classroom-based program that brings experts in multiple Natural Resource fields to serve as volunteers at the Elms. For more information see our Master Naturalist page or visit https://extension.umd.edu/masternaturalist.