School Programs

Partnering with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Power Plant Research Program, The Elms Environmental Education Center (The Elms) invites students to make hands-on applications of their interdisciplinary classroom learning by guiding field investigations aligned with both Maryland Environmental Literacy and Next Generation Science Standards.

Our goal at The Elms is for every student to have a full Meaningful Watershed Education Experience or "MWEE" (pronounced "mee-wee") every year. A MWEE goes beyond a single outdoor field experience. It exercises 21st century skills by integrating student investigation of an environmental issue, planning and conducting an action project, and synthesis and conclusion. MWEEs have a local context relevant to students, and are sustained (not 'one-shot') investigations integrated into regular classroom instruction. To help reach that goal, we off a variety of school programs.

During grade-specific field studies, students explore the diverse habitats of our county, including forests, wetlands, meadows, and beaches. Learn more about our hands-on outdoor environmental investigations.

Resources and support for conducting environmental and science education. Learn how to bring the wonder of the Elms to your classroom.