Green Schools

In 1999, Hollywood Elementary and 33 other Maryland schools were the first to receive the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education's (MAEOE) Green School Award. This began what has become one of the best recognized and most imitated Green School programs in the nation.

But what is a green school? It depends on who you ask. For the past decade, to be a "Green School" in Maryland meant to have received recognition from MAEOE for the integration of the environment throughout the curriculum and sound environmental practices within the school. Today there are many competing "Green School" programs and awards with most reflecting the current concern with energy conservation and environmentally-sound building design. The MAEOE award stands above all others in both its rigor and its emphasis on incorporating environmental education throughout a student's educational experience. The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education describes the Green School program as, "a holistic, integrated approach to authentic learning that incorporates local environmental issue investigation and professional development with environmental best management practices and community stewardship."

The Elms Environmental Education Center is recognized as a Maryland Green Center by MAEOE. The Maryland Green Center Award is a way to recognize and honor a facility’s efforts in implementation of environmental education, best management practices and community engagement.

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Becoming a Green School

Students, Teachers and Parents... Interested in becoming a Green School?

As a Maryland Green Center, Elms EE Center offers support to schools working towards being awarded the Maryland Green Schools status.

  • Professional Development
  • Application Support
  • Lesson Support

Visit the MAEOE website to learn more about the Green Schools Program and contact Margarita Rochow at if you have any questions.