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Slow Food Vegas is committed to supporting access to good, clean, and fair food and beverage by collaborating with our diverse communities and advocating for local farmers and restaurants in order to support an equitable, inclusive, and just food system for all.

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May 22nd marks Slow Food USA’s inaugural Biodiversity Advocacy Day. We cannot simply admire biodiversity and bask in its glory. We must demand systemic change that can stimulate and nourish biodiversity from coast to coast (and in our oceans and waterways, too!).

Join our 500,000 Slow Food USA activists in calling or emailing your elected officials to defend biodiversity by passing five key bills into law:

Slow Food Vegas is a team of passionate volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. From home gardeners, teachers, retirees, amazingly talented chefs, coffee and wine professionals to students and local business owners. Diversity is our strength and food justice is our goal! 

France Basque Grand Roux Corn from Slow Food Archives

What does "good, clean and fair" mean?