At St Joseph's we aim to develop a caring and supportive school, where all members of our community experience a sense of belonging and each individual uniqueness is valued and nurtured.

It is important that we stop and nurture the wellbeing of all members of our school community. Please find our Wellbeing visual below that outlines our vision of wellbeing for all in out community .You will also find our weekly slideshow that families can use to reflect on and build their social emotional learning together.

Wellbeing Links

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Wellbeing Tile 1

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Wellbeing Tile 3

Term 3 Wellbeing SlideShows

StJoe's Wellbeing T3 W 1 and 2

Term 2 Wellbeing SlideShows

Wellbeing T 2 W 7 and 8 2021
WB Week 5 & 6 -Grit and Stamina
WB 1 & 2 T2 2021
Wellbeing W 3 and 4 Term 2 2021

Wellbeing Picture Story Books


Can you notice the Mind Master and Head Hassler thinking?

How can you listen to your own Mind Master thinking?

The Problem with Problems IMG_4006.MOV

Did you know we have control over our thoughts?

That we can actively look for happy thoughts to shift our thinking from Head Hassler thoughts.

Head Hassler thinking sounds like.....

I WANT! I HAVE TO! No mistakes allowed!

Mind Master thinking sounds like.....

I can do this, mistakes help me grow!


Term 1 Wellbeing SlideShows

Positivity Wellbeing PP Week 8 2021 T1

Week 2 & 3 Slideshow

Week 2 & 3 T1 WB 2021

Week 4 & 5 Slideshow

WB PPs Week 4 & 5 T 1 2021 REAL

Week 6 & 7 Slideshow

Wellbeing T 1 Week 6 & 7 2021 - BEING

This weeks SEL Toolkit focus

Wellbeing Resources

Transitioning Back to Remote Learning

Managing Sleep

Managing Anxiety

Esafety for Parents

COVID Books for Kids

Connecting with the team

If you cant come to school, just arrange a time to meet online!

Email the team at khuon@sjcribpoint.catholic.edu.au

Click on the tile to meet with Mrs Huon and the Wellbeing Team

Meditation Links and Resources

Click the pictures below for some student and adult meditation activities.

Peaceful Kids Meditations

Smiling Minds