Project Management.

Ziggurat are frequently asked to manage clients projects for them to give them the peace of mind they need during what can be a fairly traumatic few months. On larger commercial projects, we will advise the client of their obligation to appoint a CDM Co-ordinator whose job it is to take care of all the H&S aspects of the site, and compile the Health and Safety File. we have worked closely with several CDM Co-ordinators in the past, and can recommend these to our clients if required. This isn't required on domestic projects.

Once tenders are received from local contractors, these are reviewed for accuracy and the sensible ones discussed with the client. We often carry out a desk-top study of any builders we are not fully conversant with, such as those that the client has asked be included on the tender list. Those builders put forward by ourselve are those with which we have a good working relationship and would trust to work on our own property. Those that let us down don't get asked back!

Once an order has been placed against a fixed fee quotation and contracts signed, and the programme of works agreed, the builder is able to start work. Once abuilder has worked for four weeks ( or at a predesignated stage in the build process) he will submit an invoice that will be checked against progress on site and either agreed or adjusted to reflect the progress, and then certified for payment by the client. The builder will expect paying within seven days of certification.

Regular site visits will be made (at least weekly) throughout the build, and site meetings held between the assigned Project Manager, the client and the builder, to assess progress, to inform the client of any problems and the cost implications of those (no matter how high the attention to detail, there are always problems which arise once a building is 'opened up'.) and for the client, through the project manager, to ask the builder any questions and point out if there is anything he/she doesn't like. Keeping everything out in the open is the key to a successful project and happy clients. Nothing gets hidden, nothing is left to aggravate people, and all information is requested and delivered before it is needed.

Once the project is at an end, The builder will request his last payment. The project manager will survey the build with the builder, listing all those minor snagging points that need finishing off, and compile a list. Once these are done, the last of the money can be released.