Parish Centre

Leading on from our involvment with the Exhibition House (also shown in 'Projects') Ardent Contractors asked us to take over as project architects on the building of a £1.7 Million Parish Centre being built as an extension to the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Bicester. The project had started and the foundations were almost complete when we took over.

We found a huge amount of design work still needed to be done although the project had already gained planning permission and had been submitted to Building Control!

This was another project which was to be certified as 'Passiv' - a German design standard which means the property requires an absolute minimum of energy to heat and run.

The building is built around a timber frame, with the main hall having exposed laminated timber columns and roof beams. The whole building is wrapped ina silver airtight 'space blanket' before plasterboarding and cladding with brickwork and render.The building conatins the large two storey function hall, a meeting room with balcony, a bar, offices and WC facilities, a lift and galleried landing.The galleried landing.

The main hall.

External view, showing the efficiency of the 'Brise Soleil' sun shading, designed to reduce solar gain and the dependancy on air conditioning and cooling systems.More photos will follow shortly.