Building Surveying.

Ziggurat also offer Building Surveying services to local businesses.

We can carry out a comprehensive survey of a clients building, and prepare a Schedule of Condition, listing and photographing all defects found and referring them to a floor plan if necessary. All schedules are delivered printed and bound, and also on CD.

We can then compile a re-active maintenance plan for the building, categorising defects dependant upon their urgency, and also a pro-active 5 or 10 year maintenance plan, together with budget costs.

If required, we can get the remedial works put out to tender and priced, and oversee the project, leaving the client free to concentrate on their day-job.

This service can be very useful to a client about to sign a full maintaining lease on a new property, as pre-existing defects won't need to be put right when they move out in the future.