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09. Characters

Creating and editing characters

Please note: Pressing 'Cancel' while in the 'Characters' window means that you lose
all information you entered. It does not just cancel information entered in the last
tab open.

Creating a character

1.Click the 'Characters' menu and select 'View/Edit' to open the Characters, Items and
Locations Box.

2.Press this button to open an empty Character window.

3.Enter Short Name, Full Name, Alternative Names, Tags and Description in the text
fields as required. If your new character will play a major role in your story, click the
unselected radio button next to 'Major' so that it changes from to (new characters are set as 'Minor characters' by default).

4.Click on the 'Bio' tab and enter biographical details of the character.

5.Click on the 'Notes' tab and enter notes about the character (which you may wish to refer to later when writing scenes).

6.Click on the 'Goals' tab and enter character goals and motivations.

7.If you wish to add a picture of your character then click on the 'Picture' Tab.*

5.Press the 'Select' button.

6.Locate the picture on your hard drive and double-click it.

7.Click 'OK' to save.

*Tip from Spacejock Software: A picture no larger than 300 pixels long and 400 pixels wide is recommended as large images are slow to load.

Editing a character

1.Select 'View/Edit' from the 'Characters' menu.

2.Double click the Character you wish to edit or select the character and press this
button to open the box.