Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide to yWriter5

How to set up your first project and find your way around yWriter5

Please see the FAQ, Reports and Feature Request pages too.

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The guide should be updated to focus purely on getting started, setting default options. This means removing any information which is already on the Spacejock website. E.g. information on Simon Haynes, anything explaining what yWriter was designed for, etc. We can always include links to other parts of the Wiki. (e.g. About yWriter)

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Revision history:
Version 1.0 By Rowena Tayler-Henry (2008)
Version 1.1 converted to HTML and uploaded here by Simon Haynes

Editor's Note:
This Quickstart guide was written by Rowena Tayler-Henry in 2008, and was based on an early release of yWriter5. The original file was a PDF, and my efforts to obtain the HTML source were unsuccessful. Therefore, I've converted the PDF to HTML and have pasted the entire file here so that contributors to the wiki can update the information. Some of the links still need fixing and there are many places where the documentation needs updating. If you believe you can help, please see the Contributors Page.

About the author of this guide, Rowena Tayler-Henry:
Rowena Tayler-Henry wrote the user documentation for Simon Haynes' indispensable program for writers, yWriter, so that other authors could get the full benefit of yWriter's many useful features.  Now a teacher of English to speakers of other languages at beginner level, Rowena is now exploring the joys of picture books but will no doubt return to the wonderful world of the novel in the near future.