Shifter for Deus Ex - "Removing the Suck" since 2002

Skill System

Much of Deus Ex's RPG-FPS crossover goodness is derived from the game's skill system, providing the player with quantifiable evidence of their evolution within the world of the game.  Unfortunately the awarding of skill points is somewhat "scripted", and the abilities granted by some skills the player invests in are limited to say the least.  While my changes are by no means complete, Shifter already does much to address those issues.

1) Be rewarded for feats of tactical skill.  While skill points are handed out like candy for anything from completing a sensitive rescue mission to opening a door, the game conveniently overlooks the most relevant feat of skill in a player's repertoire: not getting killed.  Whether it's taking out three MJ12 Commandos with three bullets total or sneaking within mere feet of them without being detected, Shifter will reward the player for the tactical feats they execute.