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"What is Shifter?"

"What is Shifter?"




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I hear this question a lot.  You may have heard someone mention Shifter in a post on some message board, or maybe someone told you it made the game "cooler".  (Or "suckier", who knows)  Now you're curious, and fortunately you've come to the right place.  Here's the information, right from the horse's mouth.

Shifter is my attempt at "removing the suck" from Deus Ex, what little of it there is.  There are some annoying aspects of the game system, unresolved glitches, and a minor helping of unrealized potential scattered throughout this groundbreaking game.  Shifter attempts to address those issues.  As one person put it, paraphrased, Shifter doesn't add new content so much as improve the existing content.  Shifter makes Deus Ex what it should have been, or at least one interpretation of what it should have been.

As the page title indicates, Shifter has been around since 2002, roughly.  In late 2001 I was working on my 5th or 6th play-through of the game and had just about had it up to my eyeballs with how the laser sight wouldn't turn on automatically.  After a little digging I figured out how to extract the code, added in something to turn the laser sight on automatically, then recompiled the code and continued playing.  A while later, I became annoyed with how useless Pepper Spray was.  Then I finally decided to do something about the awkward inventory system in Deus Ex MP.  Then... well you get the idea.  A few months later it dawned on me that this might be of interest to more people than just myself, and so with very little fanfare I titled it Shifter and uploaded it to Fileplanet.  Much to my surprise, I was treated to a steady, if small, stream of emails from people who enjoyed my mod, and even discovered it had become the "preferred" mod for the denizens of the GameFAQs message boards.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway, enough history.  If you find that any of this has piqued your interest to the slightest degree I suggest you navigate the links on the side for some more detailed information on the mod. (Under Construction, so bear with me)