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Yao Chi's Eyes by Errik (of no last name)
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My Little Lair on the Wyrld Wyde Web

Yao Chi Happy Dancing by Tara K. Labus

I have BIG er well actually wee tiny little plans. But I am ambitious. OK ? Anyhow, shall we continue ? OK, great ! Below is a set of links to the pages within my website. These will change from time to time, so it may pay to check back now and then. Hot links, suggest that I have a live page to visit, dead links most likely are indicators of my ambitions. As for sites being under construction, heck, we all know there are only two kinds of websites, those under incipient endless construction, and those in a state of abject eternal neglect. This site fits one of those definitions.

My Home Has Many Rooms, Which Would You Like To Visit ?

  • The Library aka Wee Wyrm's Wyrlds of Wonder; Poetry and Prose can be entertaining, informative and touching.
  • Weaver's Hall where Spinners Ply their Skills and home to Phractured Phaerie Tails and Talespinning in the Live Format of AOL Instant Messenger.
  • The Rainbow Dragon Nightclub - words assembled and composed with intent of serving as lyrics.
  • The Labyrinth Find Yao Chi on the web ...or perhaps not. I have lots of presence, in lots of places, in my own absent minded fashion. *opens one of his presents*
  • The Stairway to Heaven - a pathway to other worlds.
  • The Wee Wyrm's Link Exchange. I like links. Especially smoky links, unless they have been burned or have too much salt. No I am not a salty dog. I am a floof dragon.
  • The Vaults of Yoh Vombis Yao Chi. The Residence of my Hoard. Do you find this odd ? That I have a hoard ? Look at me again. Now do you understand ?
  • The Dungeon of PUNishment is good for the sole. It is not bad for the instep either. In fact, it is home to one of the primary heeling arts.


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